Thursday, November 8, 2012

One month later

Today we celebrate one month of Anna officially becoming part of our family.  One month of being her mom and dad, one month of seeing her blossom and grow, and one month of precious, precious memories.  It hasn't been an easy month, that's for sure, but Oh the joy this little girl has brought to our family!  She has so much personality in that little twenty pound body and those eyes!  If looks could kill we'd all be dead!  

When we received Anna's updated information the day before Gotcha Day it said that she was scared of strangers but not afraid of anything.  We've definitely found that to be true.  Although meeting new people makes her a little worried, new experiences don't.  She is always up for an adventure and ready to put on shoes and a jacket to Go, Go, Go as her TV friend Kai Lan says.  Speaking Chinese has been such a help in communicating with her and she is picking up so many English words already.  She can say Esther, Micah, and Luke, and sometimes she'll throw in a K.C. or Michelle.  She can say shoes, all done, please and thank you, but the cutest is hearing her sing her ABC's along with her stuffed cow.  Here's the video.

It is amazing to see her personality come out in just a few weeks and to see how comfortable she is now with our family.  She never seems worried that we won't be there anymore and gladly lays down for naps and bedtime.  We still co-sleep with her at night and I just love waking up to her smiling little face and hugs in the morning.  She just loves her brothers and sisters and makes it hard for Micah to get his homeschool work done by calling out Micah, Micah, Micah to get him to play with her during the day.  We still just can't believe how easily she has transitioned into our family.  

I am loving having a toddler around again although managing the household with 4 kids is proving a daunting task.  I still have piles of papers to go through and travel medicines and misc. to put away. It just seems I never have enough time to get it done. I try to just get done what has to be done and pray for a day to get caught up.  Hopefully, this weekend will help with that.  Our first post adoption visit from our social worker as well as our first post adoption doctor's visit are this Tuesday.  We're in the process of making appointments with specialists in Spina Bifida and treating her club foot.  It will be a long process just getting with the doctors before we even start treatment.  Our biggest prayer request is that we would be able to see an orthopedic doctor before the end of the year so that we can have a better grasp of what will be involved in repairing her club foot, and bracing her legs so that she will be able to walk on her own.  Right now our appt. with the Spina Bifida clinic isn't until early January.  

We're looking forward to the holidays with a little one around again.  So much fun!

Here's a link to a Facebook album of Anna over the past month.  She's changed so much already.