Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More about Anna

Anna was born with Spina Bifida and a club foot.  She was abandoned at one month old and immediately taken to the foster home she lives in now.  She had surgery to repair her spinal cord at three months old and since that time has done very well.  She crawls and pulls herself up.  She can cruise a little around furniture but cannot walk or stand on her own because of her turned in foot.  We found out that she has recently been fitted with a leg brace to help her have more stability.  When she comes home, she will need a series of casts on her foot to reshape it.  It may require a minor surgery.  She will also need some bracing on her leg for stability.  We are not sure yet what problems she will have because of the Spina Bifida, but we have had amazing help from the doctors at the Spina Bifida Clinic at Children’s Mercy.  They have given their time and expertise to help us have detailed information on what Anna may experience during her lifetime.  Given her current mobility, it is very possible that she will have very few difficulties as she grows up.  

Anna's foster home tells us that she is a very happy and fun little girl.  She enjoys music, books, TV, and eating sweets.  She doesn’t like to share with the other children in her foster home, and is a very typical 21 month old.  Her birthday is July 21, 2010, so she will be two years old when we bring her home.  We received a some videos of her a few weeks ago that are really cute.  You can access them on Youtube from the links below:

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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that once her foot is fixed there won't be any stopping this little cutie!