Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introducing Samuel Xiaofu Allen!

The day I fell in love!
We are so excited to introduce you to Samuel Xiao Fu Allen.  His Chinese name, Xiao Fu, means "Little Blessing." and Samuel means "God listens."  For over a year we asked the Lord to bring Xiao Fu into our family.   I held him in my arms the day we visited Anna's foster home and we bonded instantly. From that moment I knew that I was his mom.  
In January we began sponsoring him and in July filed paperwork requesting his file.  The day before Thanksgiving we learned that his file had arrived at our adoption agency!  But good news was quickly followed by bad.  We were not first in line to receive his file, in fact we were told that there could possibly be several families in line ahead of us. We prayed, I cried. So many prayers had been answered to bring this child into our family and it seemed that only a miracle would bring him home. Almost two months passed and there was still no word from our adoption agency. I had given up hope and was trying to move on. The Lord gave me peace to let him go.  
Exactly two months later, I got a call from our adoption agency!  I burst into tears, asked tothe agency representative a few questions, and in an hour I had finally received the thing I had been praying for for so long.  The file of Zheng Xiao Fu- our son.  We hope you will enjoy following our journey to bring him home.

Samuel Xiaofu Allen
Born May 24, 2012 Zhengzhou, Henan China
Referral date: January 27, 2014
Pre-Approval from China: February 12, 2014

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