Friday, April 4, 2014

Surgery went great. Glad to be back home!

All dolled up pre-surgery
Bubbles always make things better
Everything went so well with Anna's surgery.  She did great pre-surgery and only asked once Thursday morning to have something to eat.  We had prepared her the night before that she could have Sprite for breakfast and she seemed happy with that.  K.C. and I were so blessed by the Ronald McDonald room at the hospital.  There was always food and snacks for all the waiting families.  We will definitely continue to save our "pop tabs" for the Ronald McDonald house and it would be nice to take the kids and volunteer sometime serving dinner.   Many of the families in the room were having difficult conversations with doctors and there were many in tears.  My heart broke for them. I am so thankful for what Ronald McDonald house does to provide a safe place for families facing the difficulties of having a child in the hospital.

Such a happy girl after getting some food in her tummy!
This time, for us everything was good news. The doctor was able to do everything he had planned and Anna did well in post surgery recovery.  Unfortunately they gave Anna a bit too much apple juice post surgery and she ended up vomiting it all up right before they were going to let her have some crackers. Poor girl kept begging us for some crackers, but all we could offer was sips of juice for an hour.  She was soooo hungry!  Everything went well after that and by 8:00 she finally got to eat dinner- Chinese food of course!

All smiles with her "baby"

It didn't take long for Anna to go to sleep and she seemed to sleep well throughout the night despite the nurses coming in to take her vitals periodically.  She only complained of pain one time, so they gave her some ibuprofen and since then hasn't seemed to be in any pain at all. Like I mentioned in the last post. There are actually some advantages to having Spina bifida- Numb feet!  The rest of us would have been crying for pain meds if we had gone through the same surgery!

Anna is pretty excited about her bright yellow casts.  They definitely match her spunky personality!  She started crying a little this morning that she couldn't walk, but she is adjusting well to the limited mobility.  I am sure she will be crawling around all over the place soon.  We were happy to get discharged before noon and Anna had her favorite lunch of Chinese noodles and watching Kai Lan.  She's enjoyed getting spoiled by her aunt Tracy and Grandma Gail with presents and treats.  She is having fun at home zipping around in her wheelchair right now.  She hasn't ever gotten to use it inside the house before. Cousin Evie thinks it's pretty cool too and tried to give Anna a ride to remember!  We are so thankful to have so many family members close to love on Anna.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  We are so blessed to have so many people lifting up our little girl.  She did so great during her time in the hospital and as always we are so proud of her.  She is so amazing at handling difficult situations and making the best of them. The next four weeks will be different but I know she will make the best of them. Especially after we add some girly bling to those blue boots!

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