Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Final Stretch!

We made it to Guangzhou! It wasn’t pretty and there were tears- both Samuel’s and mine, but we eventually got checked into our hotel and enjoyed some much needed McDonalds. I wish I were a humorous writer because the events of that day were nothing short of torture for all 15 families and 17 children. If you enjoy dark humor, you would definitely be entertained. All I can say is that I learned my lesson-This mama is no match for a 33 lb two year old boy on an hour long bus ride, followed by a 2 ½ hour plane ride and then another hour + bus ride with lots of crying kids and a guide trying to tell us everything we need to know for the week. Samuel did not enjoy being strapped into an airplane seat or falling asleep in the ergo and let me know it! Of course, our next big trip will be 24 hours with lots of airplanes and seat belts, so I think we need some serious prayer! I will definitely be relying on my husband more than I did on the last trip. I am so thankful for the amazing help he has been. I could not have done this without him! These poor kiddos go through so much change in a few weeks. As hard as it is on the parents, I cannot imagine what is going through their little minds. The fact that they act sweet at all is a miracle.

We are enjoying seeing our little guy continue to open up to us and blossom. He is just so sweet! Poor Anna is having a hard time, but she has no idea how good she has it. He wants to share with her, brings her backpack to her, and wants to play together with her. Even though he is such a big boy he is very gentle with her. Please continue to pray that we would have wisdom in helping Anna adjust to having a little brother. They are so cute when they play together, but she is definitely showing lots of frustration with not getting as much attention. She is a very adaptable little girl so I am confident that it won’t take too long, but it is a big adjustment throwing a two year old into her life.

We have enjoyed all the amenities here at our hotel and the surrounding area. Last time we squeezed all 6 of us into one regular hotel room for 6 days. We learned our lesson and planned ahead this time using points etc… to get two suites which come with Executive Lounge privileges. The breakfast is simpler than in the main hotel banquet room and we basically get free dinner every night. Including free wine! (And free beer for my hubby.) The business people in the lounge have been very kind to our rowdy bunch! The hotel also has a little courtyard with a waterfall and play area. Samuel loved playing there and he also enjoys the swimming pool as long as you just let him play in the water and don’t make him get all the way in. Too bad there isn't a baby pool.

Yesterday Samuel had his medical exam required for his US visa. He was such a good boy. He easily let the doctors look in his ears and mouth and examine his arms. The nurses had a good laugh when he got on the scale and weighed in at 15 kilograms! That’s over 33 lbs! It wasn’t even on the conversion chart! He weighs 8 lbs more than Anna and she is two years older. When I pick him up I could swear he is double her weight! This is one well fed little boy. He absolutely loves food and we make sure and pack lots of snacks when we are out. Samuel gave me his first “smile for the camera” smile yesterday. He looked so cute in his P.J.’s that say “Feed this Bear” so I told him I would brush his teeth if he would let me take a picture first. He absolutely loves baths and teeth brushing. I am sure this will change during his pre-teen years!

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouraging words. Adoption trips are stressful on everyone. We are so thankful for how seamlessly Samuel is fitting into our family. He is so attached to his brothers! He loves holding both of their hands when we go places. He gives me sweet kisses before bed and loves to cuddle with me and look at his photo book. He is very protective of his little sister and tells other children “no no” if they go near her. I think her dating life will be pretty closely monitored during her teen years! And of course he just loves his daddy. Daddy has taken over the “bad guy” job of putting Samuel to bed, but when he wakes up he isn’t mad at daddy anymore and usually calls for him first. We are just so impressed with Samuel’s sweet spirit. He definitely lets you know if he doesn’t like something but he has such a teachable spirit. We are so happy to finally be bonding with our boy.

Here is a video of our “Gotcha Day” one week ago. It is amazing to see how much Samuel has changed in a week. He was so dazed and confused when they placed him in our arms and now he is just part of the family. We are so thankful for how God has opened Samuel’s heart to our family. We have loved him for such a long time and now we are receiving his love back. What an amazing gift.

Tomorrow we head to the US Consulate to finalize Samuel's adoption. We are feeling very ready to be home with our little boy, and we can't wait for everyone to meet him. He will steal your heart for sure.

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  1. So thrilled for you guys! Praying for a smooth ending to your trip and return home!