Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here in Shanghai

Hello Everyone,

Ready for takeoff!
Our flights were all on time and uneventful.  Yay!  The kids were just great and we at least got a little sleep on the plane and a few hours here in our hotel.  Enjoyed a good traditional Chinese breakfast with our dear friends Peter and Julia who lived in Zaozhuang when we lived there 6+ years ago.  Thanks to their help we are able to stay here in Shanghai at a very reasonable Chinese hotel.  Prices in Shanghai are high these days.  One of the most expensive cities in China! Getting ready to head out and do some sightseeing.

The kids did amazing on the plane. Absolutely no complaining.  They just enjoyed the movies and drawing, and reading.  Cathay Pacific is
a really nice airline, so it makes 24 hours of travel as pleasant as it can be.   

Finally here!

Breakfast with our dear friends Peter and Julia


  1. Wow!!! You made it! I am so thankful and so excited... Wonderful blessings into your next day/evening (almost) all together!

  2. So happy you made is safely. Thankful it was a great trip.