Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here we go!

Sitting in the KCI Airport ready to head to Chicago and then on to Hong Kong and Shanghai.  I think it's just surreal to all of us that this is really happening.  We're all just so excited, and the kids can't wait to be in China.  They were so independent packing their carry on bags so carefully to have just the things they needed for 3 weeks in China.  Hoping we will all sleep some on the long 15 hour flight to Hong Kong.  We'll get to Shanghai at midnight, so hopefully we can start getting our body clocks on the right schedule.  We will be 13 hours ahead of Kansas City time. So we will arrive in Shanghai on Sunday Sept 30th at midnight.  Which is 11am Kansas City time. Thanks so much for your prayers.  We are praying for safe and smooth travels and a wonderful time of visiting our Chinese friends we haven't seen is six years.  Then of course the big excitement will be getting Anna.  We just can't wait!

I'll post again from the other side of the world.


  1. Praying! Can't wait to see pics from China!

  2. HI Michelle,
    I just heard about your blog from the Zhengzhou adoption yahoo group. We have three kids, the youngest two adopted from China. Our 4 year old (Lucy) was also at Swallow's nest until we adopted her in May 2011. She has spina bifida as well. I grew up in KC, in Lenexa/OP. I will be praying for you guys!!!! Blessings, Tammy in Colorado