Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day two-Paperwork!

Today is probably the hardest day for all the families because it is filled with meetings and paperwork and we are all just getting adjusted with our new little ones.  We all had to go back to the registration office to get our official paperwork.  They give all the families 24 hours before they finalize the adoption just in case there is a reason why your family is unable to adopt the child you were matched with.  One family in our group had an emotionally rough day because their daughter had some issues that were not listed on her documentation.  They spent the whole day at the hospital getting her re-diagnosed and making sure they could parent her needs.  I believe they were able to complete their documents later this afternoon and have peace that she is indeed theirs.  All of these children have significant needs and it is really amazing to be with all of these families and see their love for their children despite what difficulties will be ahead. 

We also had to go take Anna for passport photos and to get her passport filed.  It was a long and difficult afternoon and she was such a trooper.  For those of you who have been praying for good attachment I believe God is definitely answering your prayers.  I’d like to be able to go to the bathroom or shower on my own soon though!  Ever since yesterday afternoon Anna has not left my side.  Thank goodness I brought some baby carriers with me!  She loves daddy and brothers but will only let mommy and maybe big sister hold her for now.  And the toys still come along everywhere.  I bought some Velcro straps for sippy cups and such but we ended up using them to attach her toys to the baby carrier so we don’t lose them.  She really is a happy girl and laughs and plays with her siblings.  The hotel we are at has tons of mirror and every time we go by one she smiles and laughs.  She seems so comfortable with our family, and we know that her foster home is to thank for that.  They did an amazing job of preparing her to become part of our family.

Tonight we took everyone swimming.  The boys definitely needed to get some energy out and Anna loves baths so we thought she would enjoy it.  We all had to wear swimming caps which was pretty funny.  We all looked like Olympic athletes, ha, ha!  Sorry, don’t have a picture to share.  It was nice to relax for awhile in the water. 

Tomorrow is the first day since we arrived in China a week and a half ago that we don’t have anything on our schedule.  We really are looking forward to getting out and relaxing with the kids.  Anna saw a child with a toy car at the pool and really wanted one so we told her we would go buy her one tomorrow.  She was all smiles.  She really enjoys toys! I brought a little bottle for her doll that looks like the milk disappears when she feeds it to the baby.  She just loves to feed the baby and her stuffed toy with it. Sometimes she pretends to drink it herself and thinks that's funny.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and encouraging comments.  It was a long day, but Anna just was happy to be with her mama and family.  She loves it when we tell her we are going somewhere and she always asks to make sure the whole family is coming.  She may not want daddy to hold her but she definitely wants him around.  We feel very blessed by her sweet spirit.  She just lights up the room with her smile.  Our family is just so happy to finally be all together now.


  1. stalking....reliving...loving it...oh yes...forgot to warn you on the swimming caps. Much love and prayers!

  2. She is so cute! I'm so glad that she is already attached that's awesome! Love you guys!

  3. She is adorable. Thankful you have a day off to just relax and to bond!

  4. Congratulations! I had a velcro baby (er, 2 year old) too, so I understand...

    Did they tell you about the park that is down the street aways to the left when you go outside the hotel (between you and McD's)? They had a few kids' rides there that our kids enjoyed last year. It is a pretty park.

    God bless you guys!
    Tammy in CO