Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life in Zaozhuang

Our time in Zaozhuang been the type of experience that really is impossible to put into words.  Honestly, I don't know if we will ever be able to fully explain the complexity of this city and our feelings for the people here.  It has been so wonderful to connect with friends we haven't seen in over six years, but dealing with the difference in culture is always interesting.  The kids have just been troopers.  Poor Luke finally ate dinner last night after falling asleep before dinner every night we have been here.   Thankfully that also led to a much better night of sleep for him.  We are really glad that we will be over our jet lag by the time we get Anna.  I think we will definitely have an advantage over the other families in that way.  They will be dealing with jet lag and culture shock at the same time as meeting their child.  You can definitely keep them in your prayers.  I believe there are 4 other families who will be with us in Zhengzhou.  We have met them a little through e-mails but are excited to meet them all in a few days.

Here are some photos of some of our experiences in Zaozhuang and some of our friends. I plan to post some video of the city and such a little later.  It's alot to try to capture in one video. 
Enjoying the new park

Jessica and her daughter.  She was Michelle's Chinese Language teacher.

Micah and K.C. enjoing a cuddle at the park

Jessica's mom makes the best food in Zaozhuang!

These three little cousins are little terrors! Three daughters born from three daughters.  Jessica's sister's children.  All were born within a year of each other.
The bakery owner wanted to celebrate the kid's birthdays.

Our dear friend Joshua took us to a restaurant for pizza.

In front of our apartment complex we lived in called Apple Garden

Luke hitching a ride on Joshua's back

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