Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our visit to Swallow's Nest Foster Home

Anna and her best friend Qiao Hao
With the Nannies and a neighborhood
grandma who helps care for the children
Today was a very special day for our family.  We were able to visit the home Anna has lived in for the past two years.  We got to visit with her nannies, play with the children, and say a final goodbye.  Anna got excited when we got close to the home and her playmates' and nannies faces lit up when she entered the home.  They immediately tried to feed her, telling her that she wasn't going to get that kind of food in America so she needed to eat it now.  Her little friend Qiao Hao was so excited to see her and has such a beautiful smile and spirit.  We are not sure of her condition, but I think it is something that will confine her to a wheelchair for life.  Please pray that Qiao Hao would find a Christian family to adopt her who would be able to give her a full and meaningful life.  She is just a darling little girl.  The hardest part of the trip was watching Qiao Hao cry and cry when we left.  She completely understood that her playmate Anna was never coming back. It was just heartbreaking and K.C. and I were both in tears.

With the nannies and Anna's friends Lan Lan and Qiao Hao
As for Anna, she continues to amaze me.  She is completely confident in us as her family.  I cannot believe that a two year old can understand so completely that we are now her family, trust us to care for her, and have no reservations about leaving her home for the last two years with these "strangers."  My thanks for this goes first and foremost to the Lord, and secondly to the nannies at Swallow's Nest. Ever since we began sending pictures and gifts, they have been preparing her to join our family.  The nanny told us some of the things she told Anna.  She was disappointed that she cried when she met us because she had told her not to cry.  We could tell that they were all so happy that Anna had found a loving family and any attachment they had to her would have to be suppressed to allow her to have a new life in the US.  At one point the nanny tried to hold Anna and she chose me over the nanny.  I am sure it made the nanny sad, but as a mother I was so blessed to be the chosen one.

I fell in love with this little boy.  He is only 4 months old
so he doesn't have an adoption file yet.
 Maybe a little boy would make a nice addition in the future :)
I think I'll keep my eye on him.
Please continue to pray that Anna would let K.C. hold her.  It has happened only a couple of times and I know it is hard for K.C. and it would be nice for me to have a break as well.  Actually, as I was writing this she let him pick her up and he is now giving her a bottle for the first time.  She just isn't used to men, so it is going to take time for her to trust him as a caregiver and not just a play mate.  She just fell asleep next to him.  I know he is feeling very blessed by this.  He loves her so much.

Tomorrow is our last day in Zhengzhou so we are going to the zoo.  Should be fun!


  1. My heart has been so full after reading all your posts. I think I have cried after reading each one, too.

    Praying for the rest of your trip, flight home, and then your transition to life back home.

    Can't wait to get the girls together to play when the time is right for you all.

  2. Wouldn't we love to bring home all those other children! What a great day for you to get to see Anna's first family and make that connection with them to share with her into the future. So amazing. Can't even imagine how full you all must feel with her in your family. My post yesterday dropped off the note I left you about shoes. I have several brand new pair of size 5's that are all yours if you think Miss Anna would like them! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us...

  3. It is heartbreaking to have to leave the other children. Praying for your hearts and your journey! OOO I think that little boy would fit right in to your clan!

  4. Please tell KC not to worry. Eli would not go to Loren for at least a week. I remember Loren in tears over this fact somewhere between Zhengzhou and Guanghzou Eli warmed up. This too shall pass. So happy you got to visit swallows nest!