Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pomegranate Garden

We spent a fun day with our dear friend Joshua at the Pomegranate Garden in Zaozhuang.  It's really the only tourist destination in Zaozhuang and it is actually very beautiful.  The orchard is the largest Pomegranate Orchard in the World (or so they say:) Like all Chinese tourist attractions it requires alot of walking up hills and seeing various shrines.  Esther enjoyed meeting a new friend, Joshua's niece from Beijing who had wonderful English.  They really had a great time together.  I think it was nice for Esther to have a female companion to talk to after having to be with her brothers so much.  We hope they can continue their friendship over e-mail and that someday Joshua's niece will come to the US to study.  She is actually home schooled with the ABeka curriculum through a Christian School in Beijing. My, how things have changed!

As usual things weren't exactly how we had planned them in Zaozhuang but we felt that we gained what we were looking for in reconnecting with dear friends and showing the kids where we lived for two years.

Here's a little video of our tour of the Pomegranate Garden.  The Pomegranates' were delicious!

The youtube link is if you can't view it here

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