Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ready to meet Anna!

We haven't had good internet access the past few days so I'll have to catch you up on our time in Beijing a little later.  Right now we're definitely focused on the purpose of our time here- Getting Anna! Tomorrow evening around 10pm Kansas City time we will finally meet our little girl and welcome her into our family.  So much emotion and excitement can't be put into words.  We have been told that she is shy around strangers and it is going to be pretty crazy when we get her.  At least 10 families will be welcoming children all in the same room, maybe more.  We are praying that we can somehow find a quiet spot,get her to enjoy some snacks and juice and pray that she isn't too scared.  Please pray forher adjustment and our adjustment and that we would be sensitive to her needs and be able to communicate with her.  She has photos of us and gifts we sent her so hopefully she will recognize us and feel comfortable with our family.

We look forward to posting photos soon and sharing with you how things are going.  Thanks for your prayers!  Getting ready to go to bed here a mother of 3 and tomorrow become a mother of four!


  1. Hope you all got some sleep before meeting Anna? So very exciting to share in this amazing journey with you! Praying for your first meeting and that she, or your other kids, are not too overwhelmed. Keep the updates coming and we will be thinking of you and praying for each of you tonight! the brisco's

  2. We are soooo excited for you all!